Outward Bound Sabah

To Serve, To Strive, and Not to Yield

Outward Bound Sabah is An International Non-Profit Organisation, Strives to be the Best Outdoor Education Centre For Experiential Learning and Personal Development

Internationally Recognised
Safety Measures


Sometime at the end of 2019, COVID-19 virus reared its ugly presence in Wuhan, China, which then spread globally and Malaysia was not spared. In response the Government abruptly announced on 13th March 2020 to impose the Movement Control Order (MCO), a lockdown for the whole country, from 18 March 2020 initially for month, then followed extension by another 2 months and further more.

The COVID – 19 virus has put a fear in everyone to stay home.  Every sector of the Malaysian economy was affected by this lockdown, practically every business was at a standstill except for the essential services. The lifestyle of people drastically changes to adapt to the pandemic environment. 

The pandemic has also profoundly affected Outward Bound Sabah as practically all our loyal clients were unable to participate in Outward Bound programmes.

Being an Outward Bounder, we strive to be resilient and do what it takes to move on. During the hibernation, we have not been idle, we have been refreshing and upgrading the skills and facilities to prepare for the recovery and receive participants.


The location of the school is ideal for trekking and kayaking with direct access to the South China Sea, Kawang River, and its close proximity to the mountains and jungle of Borneo’s Tropical Rainforest. This abundant natural environment provides the perfect backdrop for Outward Bound Sabah’s programs and activities.