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Camping Camping is an integral part of any expedition. Participants are given equipment such as "parang", tent sheet, karrimat, water bottle, cooking pot, rucksack etc. They have to manage their camp craft, including making their shelter, collecting firewood for cooking, cooking over the fire and hygiene practices of their camp.

Selecting a good campsite is an essential part of the exercise here. Participants are advised not to erect any campsite in a farm, near a river, on a hill slope and of course in a tree. A few aspects that should be looked into are such matters as the area, availability of water, threat from strong winds and lightning as well as fallen  branches etc.


  • to provide an opportunity to become more self-reliant, efficient and proficient in wilderness living.
  • to stimulate group's interaction by sharing tasks
  • to present situations which test students initiative, humor, sense of responsibility and willingness to perform routine work even when tired
  • to instill attitude that one can live with enjoyment and comfort in a natural environment without harming it.

At certain times, participants will need some period of time to think about themselves and their commitment to the group and their level of understanding of each team member. The solo is introduced to give them time to think about this. There are 3 types of Solo:

Mini Solo or Time Out

    It can happen anytime when the group needs a mental / physical break. It can be as short as few hours only. It provides a chance of short period of time for participants to stop and think (to reflect) about their actions and attitude toward the course.
Short or Long Solo
    This is an overnight solo or even longer. The added challenge of spending a night or 2 nights camping alone adds many new dimensions to the solo experience. They are faced with being alone, having to build their own shelter and to cope with fears. A task will be given to them while performing this activity for example:
    • write a letter to themselves which will be mailed to them in 3 months time
    • list out the area of improvement and one noticeable strength for each group member
    • make gifts for each other
    • asked not to talk while being picked up from solo until they have reached Annex.

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"I did things I never thought I could - and that spilled over into my life as a whole."    - Allison George, OBS participant

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