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Kayaking Kayaking expeditions form an integral part of the programmes at OBS. We use fiberglass double kayak for our kayaking activities. There are 3 main areas of operation- the Papar River, Kawang River and also around the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Participants learn how to paddle and control the kayak and some basic kayak rescue techniques before setting off on their expedition.

Kayaking Expeditions on Papar River are the most common in Outward Bound Sabah. The participants paddle through a mangrove swamp before coming out on the coast. They spent a night at Pengalat Beach, setting up their tents, cooking dinner and preparing themselves to paddle back to Outward Bound Sabah along the coast of South China Sea the next day.

Kawang River is used mainly for the Kayak Introduction and an exercise popularly known as Anak Kambing Exercise. Kayaking They paddle upstream through the mangrove, looking for markers and, later, walk on the land back to Outward Bound Sabah. This exercise usually takes a full day with minimum equipment issued to the participants. Map and compass are provided along with the packed lunch and drinking water. Careful planning, allocating resources, leadership, decision making and teamwork are emphasized in this exercise.

The South China Sea Expedition is mainly run for a competent group. Depending on the weather, they can go as far as the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. While on this journey, they can see an inspiring scenic view of Mount Kinabalu in front of them. This is a very demanding activity which involves co-operation and mutual understanding between the two paddlers and other kayakers.

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Safety is our prime concern in any of our activities especially our water activities. For all water activities, participants must wear life jackets at all times and partake in a water confidence session before the activity. The rescue boat will always be nearby the group during the journey in case they need help. There will be well trained staff accompanying the group for safety and technical advice. The planning and management of the group and resources are handled entirely by themselves.

"I learned from Outward Bound in ways which I am unlikely to forget, about the significance of our individual action in relation to the final outcome of the group effort. I learned to trust other people even in matters of personal safety. It is a great feeling to relate to others with camaraderie."    - I -Han Yee, OBS participant

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