Team Problem Solving

Team Problem Solving A wide variety of team dynamic activities are designed to encourage initiative, team work, planning, communication and leadership. Each activity involves varying degrees of both group and personal challenges.

* Orienteering
Participants are divided into smaller groups, each consisting of a maximum of 3 persons. They will then be given a map of the school ground. The idea is to look for as many markers as possible within a time limit.
Aims: To let participants do planning, teach co-operation among others, time management and self-reliance.

* Warm Up Warm Up
Active, multi-faceted progression of trust building exercises that can involve a large group of people. This usually begins the day and sets the scene for other activities.
Aims: Break down inhibitions, generate trust in others and confidence in individuals.

* Jugger Naut Ice Breaker
A range of quick thought generating team problems undertaken in groups of about 12 persons.
Aims: Generate group spirit, communication and increase group interaction and sharing of ideas.

* Team Dynamics Team Dynamics
Problems and scenarios are presented to the group as a challenge to be overcome. The wide variety of tasks all require creative thinking, leadership and close team work.
Aims: Encourage planning and leadership while working towards a single goal by a creative and fully involved team. Generate discussion on improvements in the working of the group and allow a progressively better performance.

* Ridge Run Ridge Run
Run 2 miles along the beach and Outward Bound ridge through a jungle with a scenery of the sea and island.
Aims: It is a good way to wake up the body and be ready for more physical activities. As a group activity it allows participants to understand that the group will not go faster than the slowest member.

* Giant Ladder Giant Ladder
To climb up 30 feet on 6 widely spaced ladder rungs.
Aims: To challenge individuals to push themselves beyond their limits and develop teamwork among their peers.

* Raft Building Raft Building
Plan, construct, launch and race a raft in the river along the school.
Aims: Planning, creative thinking, team work and leadership are all inherent aspects of this activity that can be organised as a competition between groups.

* Electric Fence Scoop
A mock up exercise simulating a "problematic" press company. In order to get back their reputation as one of the best newspaper companies in town, they have to publish a newspaper with a limited amount of fund. Due to this fact, they have to perform some charity activities, selling and buying of items, show to the public and compete in some of the competition to get enough money to publish what may well be the final issue of their newspaper.
Aims: A multi-faceted project planning exercise require resource and time management, presentation, leadership and team cohesion.

* Aligator River Morning Meeting
Reinforce the cohesion between the participants, exchange information about the OB community, decide the activities of the day and what the group want to achieve.

* Rowing Rowing
Learn how to row a 27ft sailboat called a 'Whaler' from the boathouse in Kawang River and later in the sea, which demands a lot of coordination within 8 - 14 people.
Aims: Activate the sense of teamwork, co-ordination, communication and leadership.

* 14 Ft Wall 14FT Wall
Group challenge to climb over a 14ft wall.
Aims: Teamwork, confidence and creative thinking.

* Night Line
A line set-up in the jungle which is tied from one tree to another. A group will be blindfolded and navigate following the first point of the line to the end.
Aims: Increase communication level, teamwork and leadership.

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"This was a very exciting, thrilling, fun and worthwhile course. We were placed in situations to learn how teamwork and cooperation can help in doing things better and achieving success. A powerful group spirit developed with each member encouraging the other."    - an OBS participant from Standard Chartered Bank

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