Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing There are mainly two areas of operations for this activity. The rock wall in the school's ground which is perfect for beginners. 

The purpose of the rock wall is to provide a safe, educational and fun venue for climbing and abseiling (rappelling). Participants have to climb the rock wall safely using safety ropes, harnesses, belay device (ATC), karabiners for protection.

Abseiling from the top of the wall needs courage and a sense of adventure. Individuals have to control their own rate of descent using the device (figure of eight) and suspended by a safety line controlled by the instructor.


  • increase self-confidence
  • generate trust
  • decision making involving risk and courage
  • break down previously held physical and mental limitations
  • to help group understand the importance of mutual support to an individual in overcoming problems and reaching goals.

Instruction: please click the thumbnail to view the larger picture

For abseiling, we use the rock wall and the high ropes circuit. On the rock wall, an exercise called Self-Programmed Abseil is often used for management courses. It is presented as a project where with little input from instructors except for technical and safety issues, the group will attempt to abseil down the rock face.


  • careful interpretation of written instruction to successfully complete a task
  • management of multi-faceted project involving perceived risk
  • co-operation / team building
  • planning
  • trust
  • confidence in oneself and others
  • determination to succeed
  • communication skills
  • leadership
  • and of course... to have fun

"I feel like a different person. The more I do, the more likely I am to say, 'I can, I can do it'." - OB participant

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