Ropes Confidence Course

Ropes Confidence Courses OBS has a series of rope and wooden bridges, platforms, nets and ladders designed to provide various levels of difficulties from the easy to the challenging. These are for personal challenges, building self confidence, teamwork and mutual trust and support.

Low Ropes
A series of exercises which is set 1 ft. - 15 ft. above ground. Activities include Zip Wire, Burma Bridge, Wobbly Log, Tranges Tyre, Traverse Tension, etc.

High Ropes
A series of exercises which is set 25 ft. - 40 ft. above ground are activities such as the Circuit, Trapeze Jump, Abseil and Flying Fox to name a few.

Trapeze Jump
Climb a ladder and leap from a platform to catch a swinging Trapeze.

Reach a platform along a rope bridge and then descend by using a rope and control the rate of descent using a figure of eight device.

Flying Fox
Ride an exhilarating zip wire high up in the trees.

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Thought for the day "We gained new insights of our abilities, weaknesses, but most of all the spirit of teamwork among ourselves."     - Gem Asildo, OBS participant

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