Jungle Trekking

Jungle Trekking

Short expedition are usually carried out in two days with an overnight stay in camp whereas, the Long Expedition is done in 4 days/ 3 nights including a day of community service in one of the kampung (rural village). At the end of the walking day and in the tradition of the people of the interior Borneo, the students use their parang to cut wood from the jungle. They build a frame, tie it together with jungle veins, and place a tarpaulin over it. They sleep communally in their "longhouse" tents and cook over traditional campfires.

Long Expedition starts from M25 Jalan Tambunan, the Outward Bound Sabah annex. Participants will be given a map and compass. They will have to organize their own camping site, duties and responsibilities. The instructor acts as the safety and technical advisor.

A jungle trekking expedition can be extended to a week to enable participants to explore the real tropical rainforests in the East coast of Sabah. In these virgin forest reserves, individuals will have an opportunity to see wild animals and amazing flora and fauna. Exploring this area will bring you back to a very old way of life.

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