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Outward Bound Sabah sits on a beautiful ecologically diverse property consisting of 100 acres of forest and beach land. Our undeveloped land is ideal for orienteering and outdoor leadership activities. 

The activities offered are jungle trekking expeditions in the tropical rainforests and kayaking expeditions to mangrove forests along the river or to islands in the South China Sea. Outward Bound Sabah also utilizes many other natural sites such as Sabah Parks.



Kayaking expeditions form an integral part of the programmes at Outward Bound Sabah. They provide the opportunity for participants to unleash their full potential in terms of leadership, skills building, teamwork, and adventure.


Rock Climbing

Outward Bound Sabah has two high ropes elements that offer climbing and abseiling opportunities. The rock wall on the school’s grounds is a perfect challenge for the beginners to build self-confidence.



Groups sail out in Whaler (a 27 ft, 2 masts sailboat) for the journey to the beautiful islands of the South China Sea.


Water Rafting

It is done in the Papar River which has rapids up to Class III in times of high water. Instead of a rubber boat, we use inner tube and bamboo lashed together to form a raft that will be used on this river.



Practice teamwork and creative problem solving at our abseiling elements, the rock wall and high ropes circuit. Abseiling is the perfect activity for an exciting and challenging teambuilding or management course.


Ropes Confidence & Course

Our variety of ropes courses include low ropes elements such as a series of ropes and wooden bridges, platforms, nets and ladders that are designed to offer an array of challenges, opportunity for personal growth, and team-building for our participants.


Team Problem Solving

At Outward Bound Sabah, our team dynamic programmes are carefully designed to foster personal growth and as well as team development by encouraging leadership, planning, communication, and taking initiative.


Jungle Trekking & Camping

We offer two types of trekking expeditions to teach participants about challenges, perseverance, and accomplishment. 



Solo is a fundamental and culminating experience of solitary reflection incorporated into all Outward Bound courses.


Crocker Range Expedition

The Crocker Range was designated a forest reserve in 1968. In 1984, Crocker Range Nature Park was then established to protect the water catchment area, a major resource of water supply to the west coast and the interior of Sabah

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