We offer two types of trekking expeditions to teach participants about challenges, perseverance, and accomplishment. The expedition model is based on our mission to inspire participants to test their true potential, gain new abilities, and discover a sense of achievement having worked with their peers to live in a wilderness setting.

We currently offer 2 days / 1 night and 4 days/ 3 nights expeditions. However, a jungle trek can be extended to one week to enable participants to explore the tropical rainforests of Sabah. In these virgin forest reserves, individuals will have an opportunity to see wild animals and amazing flora and fauna.


Participants test their self-reliance by leading themselves on expeditions, while the instructors act as the safety and technical advisors, ensuring the participants are prepared in their skills of camp craft and environmental stewardship.


Participants will be given a map and compass to navigate their way along trails and across streams to the campsite. To promote participation and cooperation, they will organise their own gear, duties, and responsibilities.


Participants are in charge of selecting an appropriate campsite, constructing shelter, collecting firewood for cooking, and practicing camp hygiene.

For some courses, at the end of the day’s hike, and in accordance with the tradition of  the interior people of Borneo, participants use their parang to cut the wood from the jungle. They then build a frame, tie with the jungle vines, and place a tarpaulin over it where they sleep communally in their “longhouse” tents.

*** The 4 days/ 3-nights expedition includes a day of community service in a kampong (rural village).


  • Build self-reliance and proficiency in wilderness camping.
  • Stimulate the group’s interaction by sharing tasks.
  • Present situations, which test student’s initiative, humor, sense of responsibility and willingness to perform routine work even when tired.
  • Instill an attitude that one can live with enjoyment and comfort in a natural environment without harming it.