International "Muhibbah" Challenge Course


The school is blessed to be surrounded with tropical rainforest which offer exciting journey and adventure. 10 minutes drive from the centre is where the Kawang Forest Reserved is located, in the southern part of the Crocker Range. Exciting features such as waterfalls, fresh ponds for dips and natural untouched flora and fauna etc.

The activities that have been developed here are:

  1. Jungle Adventure Expedition (max 3 nights)
  2. Survival Camp
  3. Solo Reflections

The expedition starts at Kampung Kirilip, using map and compass, you need to find the highest peak at 1550ft. There you will find an open area, overlooking at the city view and South China Sea, it was formerly the village grazing reserved.

You may also find local fruit trees which was planted by villagers long ago. Trek to Tibabar campsite will go through some of the dense jungle of Borneo, the Tropical jungle. If your eyes are alert and sharp, you may see many historical artifacts left by villagers who had escaped into this jungle during the Japanese invasion.


  "High adventure is living. It's aggressive instead of passive living.
You don't lie back and let it happen to you, you exert some influence
over your life."
- Janet Gurterie, OBS participant

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