International "Muhibbah" Challenge Course

Minimum 4 days, suitable for those more experienced trekker!


The Crocker Range was designated a forest reserve in 1968. In 1984, Crocker Range Nature Park was then established in order to protect the water catchment area which was supplying clean drinking water to the west coast and the interior of Sabah. It was renamed Crocker Range Park in 1996 and is managed by Sabah Parks.



The area used by OBS is near the stretch at Penampang District. It consists of both hills and mountains of 1,200 -1,800 meters high with many species of flora and fauna endemic to Borneo. OBS has a facility building called Annex at the starting point of the trek.


There are no accessible roads here but there are trails used by local natives from the interior to get supplies from the nearest town. The journey will pass through a few local villages, walking along the local people's trail. The trek will take you into the heart of Crocker mountain range, where the ethnic Kadazan Dusun people still live in simple, agrarian existence at one with nature.  

The Journey

Day 1 - The journey starts from OBS Annex building at Mile 28 Jalan Tambunan. This more than getting in tune with the nature and environment. Overlooking at the Crocker Range valley, you will trek through dense jungle for about 5-6 hours to the first campsite, next to a stream. Here you will experience first hand real bush camping and cooking. If you are having trouble reaching here, consider turning back as the next is getting deeper into wilderness.

Day 2 - The second day trek could be slightly tougher as you need to overcome a few hills. Getting into the heart of the rainforest, don't forget to look around and enjoy nature at its best. You will reach the first village (6-7 hours) and get the first hand experience living with the interior natives. Try to find out about their way of life in the middle of the rainforest!

Day 3 - You will continue another 5-6 hours trekking with your experienced instructors to the next village. The trail sometimes become even more fascinating especially when crossing streams. You will be surprise to find local primary school in the heart of the rainforest. Look for the students or the teachers! You can stay in the community hall or stay with other villagers. If you have left-over Maggi Mee, leave them with the villagers.

Day 4 - The final end is a challenging trekking uphill. The temperature and weather is unpredictable as in mountain weather. It may drop to 10-15C as you will at elevation 5,000ft above sea level. Exiting at Jalan Tambunan Road, you will get the opportunity to learn the biggest flower in the region, the Rafflesia. Interestingly, this flower only found in certain area of Sabah, it grows like a rotten cabbage-look for about nine months and at maturity, it blooms for about 9 days and dies off. If you are lucky enough, you might encounter one that is blooming!

The Real Adventure

The forest provides services for human communities in cleaning the air and water, the prevention of natural disasters, resources for traditional agriculture and livelihood, research, education, recreation and tourism. Many people are not aware of the benefits until they put themselves in the forest.                           


One of the most important ingredients of a memorable adventure is the combination of some uncertainty of outcome and the possibility of significantly adverse consequences in the event of an unfavourable result. You may not see the peak at sunrise but you will see the peak of your own potentials.

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