Adventure Challenge Course

Aged: 13 - 18 years     Duration: 10 Days   Course Code: ACC



The Adventure Challenge Course (ACC) is the ultimate challenge for youngsters. It is an adventure based program that uses some of Sabah's best operational site e.g Mount Kinabalu, Mount Trus Madi, Pulau Tiga island, Gunung Alab, Salt Trail etc which becomes the highlight of this course. Each course may use alternate operations site so please confirm from our office to find out which site is used. 

The basic structure of this course are exhilarating outdoor adventure, community service and final challenge of mountain climbing. It is a fun and unique experience for young people, learning new skills and seeking adventure that will last a lifetime. 

Sample Programme of Challenge Course


Day 1

Arrival. Ice Breakers. Team Dynamics

  Day 6

Back to Centre
Clean Up

Kayak Introduction
Ridge Run

Ropes Course
Hot Seat

Goal Setting / Hopes & Fears

Mid Course Evaluation

Day 2

Morning Exercise
Routine Check

  Day 7

Transfer to new Operations site

Highlight Expedition


Jungle Expedition

Set up Camp & Prepare dinner

Day 3

Back to Centre
Clean Up

  Day 8

Highlight Expedition



Ropes Course

Night Line

Day 4

Morning Exercise
Routine Check

  Day 9 Community Service

Course Party

Ropes Course

Sailing Theory

Day 5

Morning Exercise
Routine Check

  Day 10 Final Challenge and Evaluation

Sailing Expedition

Certificate Presentation

Set-up Camp and Prepare dinner


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