Classic Challenge Course

Aged: Open/ Adult/ Professional     Duration: 21 Days   Course Code: CHC






The Classic Challenge Course is a historic standard bearer of Outward Bound Sabah. It is designed to provide a unique personal lifetime experience and an opportunity to take on adventurous and extraordinary challenges.

Sample of Program





Conditioning/ Ice breaking/ Team dynamics


2 Days Upon registration and checking in, its time to break the ice and barriers among the strangers. A series of problem solving activities as to break inhibition and to develop team spirit. Also, to enhance interaction and to form the group structure.

Jungle expedition


2 Days 1 Night Group experience first expedition in the forest reserved area

Kayaking expedition

2 Days 1 Night Jungle trekking to develop skills and teamwork.

Ropes course challenge

2 Days Build confidence and trust by sharing high impact experiences.

Project Scoop


2 Days People, resource and time management in realistic situation. Encourage creativity, good planning and leadership.

Sailing expedition

3 Days Increase team spirit, leadership and decision making skills.

Community service and cultural enrichment

1 Day There is no greater qualities in human kind than its willingness to share and serve others

Solo camping


1 Day Self contemplation and reflection on personal goals

Main expedition  



5 Days 4 Nights An extended expedition experience drawing on and improving further the strength of the group and their support for each other enabling individuals to push themselves beyond their perceived limits.

Evaluation / Closing ceremony

1 Day Transference of the learning points discovered during the entire programme, to families or professional life.

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