Executive Development Program

Aged: Adult/ Professional     Duration: 3 Days   Course Code: EDP


"Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team" - John C. Maxwell

Developing leadership quality in a person cannot be achieved through a one-time event. It is a continuous process of self discovery and self realization. The challenges of the corporate world today demand a new brand of leaders, one that have a flexible leadership style which is able to pull the resources and the people to achieve organization's goals.  

The target group includes management group, supervisory group or executive group. Whilst learning some technical skills in outdoor, it is an enjoyable experience with colleagues.

The programme objectives are:

  • To identify individual's leadership potentials
  • To achieve high performance team
  • To experience new leadership style

The training methodology adopts the use of challenging outdoor activities in an unfamiliar setting coupled with certain amount of stress to achieve purposeful learning experience. Each participant will be tasked to lead and manage the group in given problem solving exercise.

Effective learning happens best when participants have full responsibility of the outcome of the activity. This learning style is called "learning-by-doing". Opposing to the conservative way of transfer of knowledge "I-talk-you-listen", instead the participants learns through the simple process of PLAN-DO-REVIEW which is viewed capable of providing ample opportunities for participants to reflect, learn and transfer their learning points to their professional life or working environment.  


At Group Level

Build close rapport and trust among participants, develop understanding of the group strengths and potentials, develop team spirit and openness, increase commitment and goal-oriented leadership.

At Personal Level

Increase self confidence, initiatives, resourcefulness and leadership potentials.


Our programme is uniquely designed that all participants are required to stay in the training centre during the entire duration of the programme. This approach will help the participants to focus on the training objectives and to avoid external distraction.


Sample of Program



Day 1


Welcoming Ceremony, Course Introduction and Goal Setting

Ice Breaking, Team Problem Solving

Kayak Introduction, Ridge Run

Review of the Day

Leadership Workshops "The Leadership Wheel"


Day 2


Ropes Course i.e Giant Ladder, Flying Fox, Rock Climbing

Bonfire and Group Presentation

Overnight Camping


Day 3


Strategy Exercise

Final Challenge "Ops Escape"

Final Debrief and Evaluation

Closing Ceremony

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