Professional Development Program

Aged: Adult/ Professional     Duration: 5 Days   Course Code: PDP







"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen" - Winston ChurchillProfessional Development Programme

This program provides a powerful experiences and reviews that identify strengths and weaknesses of an individual, enhance existing abilities and initiate the development of new work related skills. The course is targeted at people of any level of employment who wish to improve their leadership, teamwork, communication skills and ability to contribute effectively to a team. The group will plan, complete and review a range of high impact outdoor activities including team problem solving tasks, ropes confidence courses and overnight expeditions.

An important aspect of the programme is the election of a "Management Team" who holds responsibility for all communication between the facilitator and the group members as well as the organisation of the group, control of equipment and time management. Thus all participants gain, on a rotation basis, the opportunity to experience leadership of the group in a dynamic learning environment.

The PDP Philosophy
The Professional Development Programme is the key to unlocking hidden potential. Participation can improve the productivity and effectiveness of individuals by instilling in them a team centered approach and understanding of how they can effectively lead or manage a group. The most natural and best retained training is by experience, by trial and error. To maximize the effectiveness of this style of learning, an environment is created where individuals feel that they can experiment, take risks and learn from mistakes as well as successes. The programme is based on a PLAN - DO - REVIEW cycle of activities allowing a progression of improvements to be attained. The insights gained can then be transferred back to the participants professional or personal life.

Sample Programme of Professional Development Programme

1 am Arrive. Welcome Ice Breakers.
Team Dynamics
Generate group spirit, increase interaction. Encourage planning and leadership in a creative and fully involved team.
pm Kayak Introduction
Ridge Run
Overcoming fears, new experience. Pushing beyond self imposed limits
eve Course Expectations.
Review of Day
Clarification of personal, group and programme objectives.
Debrief of day and recognize learning points.
2 am

Basic First Aid.

Jungle Expedition

Improvement of Team Work, Leadership and Decision Making through an intense expeditionary experience.
eve Overnight Camp Consensus Discussion. Discussion of decision making methods and difficulties of reaching a consensus.
3 am

Return back to center


Facilitation of learning points and discussion of teams development.
pm Ropes Course Interpretation of instructions to successfully complete task requiring planning, trust, confidence and determination.
eve Leadership Workshop
Discussion of Leadership styles and their effectiveness
4 am Giant's Ladder
Team Problem Solving
Effective planning, decision making and coordination within a group to achieve a single objective
pm Sailing Expedition Shifting paradigms in constantly changing environment. Rotational leadership to effectively facilitate group efforts.
eve Overnight Island Camping Debate and Review Communication skills
5 am Sail back to OBS. Self confidence and increase trust among group members.
Multi faceted project planning exercise requiring use of skills acquired during previous activities.
pm Raft Building
1700 Course End

"All trainees felt they had achieved a higher level of understanding of their own abilities and were looking forward to practicing the human skills they learnt from Outward Bound, both in and outside of work environment."    - Gary Yong, an OBS participant from Brunei Shell

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