"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success" - Henry Ford

Our popular program for corporate clients, the program design would normally incorporate client's needs, it is flexible and can be tailor-made. The client's feedback shows that it is effective in improving cohesiveness, team spirit, better relationship and understanding among peer colleagues. We believe that one of the core essentials to achieve better productivity is through compassionate and productive relationship among working colleagues.

The participants will be grouped into smaller group of 8-15 person. They will partake in a series of challenging outdoor activities under the guidance of our facilitators. Each activity has its own educational aims which is used to debrief the group.

The objectives are:

  • To make simple SWOT analysis of the team
  • To achieve greater team spirit whilst achieving team goals
  • To improve commitment and ability in problem solving

All participants are required to stay in the training ground during the entire duration of the programme. This is to avoid any distraction on the focus to achieve the team goals.


Sample of Program


Module Contents Sample of Key Learning Points Sample of Program Activities

Session 1

(2 hours)


Session 2

(3 hours)


Session 3

(8 hours)



Session 4

(1 hour)

To develop team identity



To enhance problem solving skills



To challenge the group on leadership issues within the framework of working in a team



To evaluate the characteristic of the team

Reduced personal inhibition

Better team spirit for better result


Opportunity for creative thinking

Plan-Do-Review cycle of learning


Charismatic character of a leader

Effective interpersonal communication

Delegation of duties


Opportunity for personal reflection

Ice breaking & Team Dynamics

Hopes and Fear


Robinson Crusoe's Challenge



Sailing on a 28ft "Whaler" sailboat




Sunset Solo Reflection on the Beach


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