Voyager Course

Aged: 12 - 18 years     Duration: 7 Days   Course Code: VGC

Could be an extension to prior experience at Outward Bound program, this course is suitable to challenge youths on a more longer program. Today's growing in the modern era, many challenges are within self of an individual. Our youths are confronted with difficult decisions such as choosing between right and wrong, caring for themselves in a world full of exploitation and various other challenges. The course is design to foster some leadership skills, improve self reliance, improve conscience, being independent and greater self confidence.

Upon arrival at the school, you will join a small group of up to 12 others along with our instructors. You will embark on a self discovery journey with your new found friends. Of course at the initial stage, you will have the feeling of being surrounded by 'strangers'. It is actually the first step to knowing yourself better in that situation which is vital in today's growing, being adaptable and responsible in our action.


Ice Breakers
Team Dynamics/ Formation

Generate group spirit and interaction among team members. Introduction to the Learning Process and Cycle, encourage planning and sharing of ideas while working towards a single goal in a creative and fully involved team.

2 Initiative Exercise
Skills Input, Leadership Workshop
Expedition preparation

Greater challenge in working of the group and allow a progressively better performance.

3 Trekking Expedition

First practical leadership expedition, development of personal leadership traits.  Leaders are presented with a task to be managed with good decision making and creativity.

4 Trekking Expedition  
5 Kayaking Expedition Extended expedition
Back to Centre Mid course debrief, evaluation
Night Line  

Ropes Course

Skill Input, Solo Night Reinforcement of learning points
7 Sailing Expedition Final Expedition, team performing, a final attempt to practice skills and application of learning points.
Overnight Island Camping  
8 Sail back to centre  
Final Challenge
Farewell Party Sharing and reflection of learning points,


Final Challenge


Course Evaluation

Certificate Presentation

Course End