OBS Vegetables and herbal garden

Outward Bound Sabah has developed a special organic vegetable and herbal garden, which will be incorporated for its future programme and courses. This is part of the Outward Bound on-going initiatives to promote self-sustainability and support environmental awareness and education.

Outward Bound Sabah was able to tap the farming expertise and talents of the many staff who come from the rural farming communities. During the lockdown, the staff were busily and healthily engaged in planting and creating the garden, which generate small revenue and with surplus for the staff consumption.

Outward Bound Sabah hopes to expand this gardening project into other environmental activities such as the tree planting and regenerating nearby mangrove and promotes local and indigenous plants, herbs and aromatics.

Jossue and Eyund collecting tahau (wild ginger) cuttings from the farm of our colleagues. The tahau cuttings were planted in the OBS compound.