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The Outward Bound Trust of Sabah, also known as Outward Bound Sabah (OBS),  is an independent non-profit outdoor educational organization which was incorporated on 6 February 1985 in the State of Sabah. It is governed by a group of Trustees which meets at least 4 times a year and one Annual General Meeting to elect Board of Directors. The organisation meets its fiscal needs solely through funding generated from its course fees

OBS offers and conducts educational training programs which assist individuals to reach their full potential, to help them to care for themselves, others and their surrounding through challenging outdoor activities in unfamiliar settings. Since inception, more than 70,000 participants have attended our programs. Training programs can be designed up to 30 days in duration, covering some of the best operational sites in 'Sabah, the Land Below The Wind'. OBS is located in the East of Malaysia, in the island of Borneo. Browse map...

The organisation is affiliated to more than 60 centers worldwide, licensed under the umbrella of Outward Bound International global trademark. 

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Educational Philosophy
The basis of the programs is learning through experience. It is a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skills and values from direct experience. Course participants are encouraged to challenge themselves on the activities which initiate and enhance skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. An Outward Bound experience involves the combination of five senses (smell, hearing, sight...), emotions (pleasure, anxiety, fear, empathy...), physical conditions (fitness, strength, energy level) and cognitive senses (constructing knowledge, decision making, solving problems...). Participants are valuable resources for their own education, the education of others, and the well-being of the communities and environment.

 Thought for the day"There is more in you if only you can be taught to realize this" - Kurt Hahn  

For any given activity, participants are asked to plan, organise, make decisions, choose leaders and generally accomplish the task from start to finish by themselves. It is important to allow the participants to feel a high level of control in the activity allowing them to develop greater responsibility and care over particular tasks or expeditions.


Learning by DoingParticipants will be working in small groups ranging from 8-15 individuals and facilitated by 2 experienced instructors. One of the main aspect of the instructors' role is to facilitate the learning process of the participants. After each completed activity, it is crucial for the participants to reflect back and evaluate their performance, both as individuals and as a group.

The experiences of Outward Bound programs are more stimulating than normal classroom lectures. Participants have higher retention of the learning points and are able to relate them to the working environment as well as their personal well-being. It is our utmost ambition to let each of our course participant to enjoy an experience that will last a life time

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