What to Bring?



Personal Clothing and Equipment List
This is a list of recommended items required for the various conditions and activities you may encounter during the course.  


(1-3 days)

(4 days and above)
1 1 waterproof jacket/raincoat - MUST BE WATERPROOF
1 1 pullover (preferably wool) for general use, it can be cold in the jungle
0 1 sturdy sports shoes or light rubber soled walking boots (used for trekking in the jungle)
1 1 sports shoes for running and jogging
1 1 water shoes for water activities
1 1 sandals/ flip flops
3 6 socks
1 2 pairs loose long trousers
1 2 long sleeved shirts
3 6 t-shirts
3 6 pairs of shorts (comfortable for running and exercise)
1 1 hat (for sun protection)
1 1 towel (an additional hand towel is optional)
3 6 sets of underwear
1 1 swimsuit/ swimming trunks
1 1 lightweight torch with spare batteries
1 1 sun and wind protection creams for lips and face
1 1 toiletries
1 1 plasters for minor cuts and blister (personal medication need to be verified with the course instructor)
1 1 spectacles (if worn with retaining cord and a spare pair)
1 1 insect repellant
1 1 notebook and pen (for taking notes), camera, gloves and sunglasses
1 1 laundry soap (participants are responsible for their own laundry)

Traveling Clothes:
You can come in T'shirt and long pants. The clothing you arrive in should be in addition to the above.

Not recommended to bring large sums of cash. However we do provide safe box for keeping valuables and there is also opportunity to buy Outward Bound goodies at  the school souvenir shop. 

Equipment Care & Responsibility:
Outward Bound will provide all necessary camping equipment such as backpack, tent, cooking utensils etc. However, if students lose or damage any equipment through irresponsible acts, they will be required to pay for its replacement or repair.

Please Do Not Bring:
All electronic devices will be taken away for safe keeping by the course instructors including hand phone. Please do not bring radio, tobacco, liquor or any alcoholic beverages. Please note that carrying prohibited drugs is a heavy offence under the Malaysian law.


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