Facilities of OBS

The centre sits on a 100 acres land where 25% of the land are utilized for buildings and facilities, the rest remains covered with secondary jungle. The Kawang river which is next to the center is ideal for kayaking activity and usually serve as entry and exit point for sea expedition to the island. The one kilometer beachfront overlooking the South China Sea is perfect for running activity.

"The land is the most ideal and strategic location for an Outward Bound school" - Sir Lester Davies (first warden) when he first sees this land for the establishment of the school.

The center is located 25 minutes drive to Kota Kinabalu International Airport, 30 minutes to Kota Kinabalu city, 30 minutes to Queen Elizabeth State Hospital, 20 minutes to District Hospital Papar, 20 minutes to Papar Police Station and 15 minutes to the largest army camp in the state. Location...


Site Map
Site MapSite Map
Kawang River Boat House 14ft Wall Mini Rest House Gate House South China Sea Spider Web Watch Tower Staff's Quarters Aligator River Monkey Bar Beam Hangging Tyre Iban Low Rope Tension Rope Electric Fence Giant Ledder Trapeze Main Office High Rope Classroom Assembly Hall Dining Hall Drom Dorm (5 rooms) Rock Wall


 Locked Bag 181, 88996 Kota Kinabalu
 Sabah, Malaysia
 Tel: 60 88 750311 (2 lines); 60 88 919529     Fax: 60 88 750312
Email: info@outwardbound.com.my