Facilities of OBS

The centre sits on a 100 acres land where 25% of the land are utilized for buildings and facilities, the rest remains covered with secondary jungle. The Kawang river is next to the center which is ideal for kayaking activity and usually serve as entry and exit point for expedition to the island. The one kilometer beachfront overlooking the South China Sea is usually used for running activity.

Sir Lester Davies (first warden) when he first sees this area said "the land is the most ideal and strategic location for an Outward Bound school". All is truth as many activities with perfect environment can be reached easily i.e Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Kawang Forest Reserve, Mount Kinabalu, rivers and the villages. 

The center is located 25 minutes drive to Kota Kinabalu International Airport, 30 minutes to Kota Kinabalu city, 30 minutes to Queen Elizabeth State Hospital, 20 minutes to District Hospital Papar, 20 minutes to Papar Police Station and 15 minutes to the largest army camp in the state. Location...



Facing the Kawang river and cornered at the end of the beach makes it an ideal site for water activities and beach activities. It is used to store all water activity equipment.

Conference Room

It can accommodate up to 120 audience, air-conditioned with complete PA system. Commonly used for executive program for seminars, talks and lectures.

Dining Hall

Maximum capacity of 120 participants at one time, the food served are Halal food prepared by our Muslim cooks.


All course participants are housed in this type of accomodation. There are 120 beds in 12 rooms with fans. There are also two blocks of washroom for men and ladies respectively.

Assembly Hall

Also known as "OBS Global Village", the interior was designed to showcase cultural elements, a place for indoor activities such as group discussion, presentations and skill lectures

Main Office

This is the main operations and adminitration office building. All activities are being planned and manage from this building.

Bonfire Area

This is the popular activity for end of course get together. The site was improvised to make it more condisive for presentation.

Flag Poles

Every morning, all participants gathered in this area to share information as well as to boost patriotism.

Sunset View Point

When weather permits, spectacular view of sunset can be seen from the beach. The sighting of sunset are always different from the others makes it a good way to explain the future, an ideal place for solo reflection.

The Beach

This is another popular site because of its peacefulness, many instructors would use this to have an depth review.


A popular place for group photo taking. The word "Kopivosian" is a Kadazan expression of peace, also used to express welcome.

Communal Dinner

In the Outward Bound tradition, we put high concern on good relationship, team spirit, strong sense of community and compassion.



Site Map
Site MapSite Map
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"The course has been a reminder that life can be simpler, that problems can be surmounted, that nature is majestic, and that strangers can be friends."

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