We give you a few reasons why choose Outward Bound Sabah as your training partner. Here are some highlights:-

Internationally Recognized Brand
Outward Bound is a globally known trademark and its influence on education is increasingly growing. There are more than 60 Centers operating around the world affiliated under Outward Bound trademark. The Outward Bound World Conference and the Outward Bound Staff Symposium is held every two years as a platform to exchange information on best practices and expertise.  


Outward Bound Sabah is rapidly gaining her reputation for excellence not only in this country but also from overseas as many international clients coming from overseas also attend our programs i.e Singapore, Brunei, USA, UK and Hong Kong, China etc.  The educational philosophy has been successfully adapted to the local environment. 

Outstanding Safety and Risk Management System
As a leading adventure-based education program in the world, Outward Bound organization recognize the needs to develop and refine its safety and risk management system. As part of the safety and risk management protocol, monitoring of standard practices at centre level is done by safety committee chaired by Board member. The committee meets every quarterly which receives report from centre management on safety and risk management issues. The committee also tracks down safety incidents to help prevent/ reduce future mishaps. All participants have to undergo medical screening process to ascertain the condition of the participants which could get aggravated by a particular activities.


Each center is responsible to produce their own policies and standard operating procedures, dependent on nature of environment, population, terrain, tradition etc. These practices are being reviewed by Outward Bound International which subsequently endorse Outward Bound International.


Approved Risk Assessment and Management System (RAMS) for Activities
The safety management protocol requires all activities to be risk-assessed before implementing it to participants. All activities have been carefully designed and approved by the Safety Committee, documented and adopted as Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Before an activity is carried out, all participants will be briefed and checked on safety requirements and equipment. The equipment used are with internationally recognized certification.


Trained and Qualified Instructor (Facilitator)

Our Facilitator / Instructor are well trained and qualified. They are permanent pool staff and have been trained extensively to develop the necessary technical and people skills. Only approved qualified instructors are allowed to lead our courses. They also attend overseas attachment at other Outward Bound centre around the world as part of the instructor development process.

Each centre has their own Standard Qualification System for Instructors due to localize terrain and knowledge. However these methods and curriculum were quite similar to other centres around the world. New instructor will spend at least 6 months to complete the assessment and qualification training before being awarded the Train-The-Trainers certificate. There are also skills certification needed such as the Wilderness Medical First Responder (WMFR), Human Resources Train-The-Trainers Certificate etc. They are also being appraised every year to ensure performance at optimum and continued growth is being monitored. 

Ideal Location and Facilities
 The location of the school is ideal for various activities with direct access to the South China Sea, Kawang River and the close proximity to the mountains and jungle of Tropical Rainforest. This diverse natural environment of Sabah provides a perfect backdrop for Outward Bound Sabah activities.

Unique Sabah Style
We believe learning happens best during most conducive environment with the right mood and intensity. Although we maintain the original educational philosophy of Kurt Hahn in our programme, we have transformed and value-added our program so that it represents our unique Sabah style. We are proud of our culture and the hospitality of the local people is the best. 


Safety is a Priority

As an experienced outdoor practitioner, the term "total safety" can never be achieved. The basic principle of outdoor adventure undertaking is that risk cannot be eliminated. Our prime activity in risk management is to understand these risks in order to reduce the risk through implementation of strategic risk management. Our aim is not to eliminate accident indefinitely but to strike the right balance between adventure and security. Effective risk management enables us to deliver long lasting educational value without breaching the moral and legal duty of care.


More Reasons...

From the perspectives of individual benefits attending our program

  1. Increases Self Confidence: your personality and characteristic will be boosted to its full potential.
  2. Develops Leadership Qualities: you will get new perspective on various leadership styles.
  3. Productive Teamwork: you will be personally involved in building a team and learn the value of working together in trust and harmony. 
  4. Enhances initiative and resourcefulness
  5. Greater self discipline, determination and motivation
  6. Improves communication skills.
Of all the reasons above, we intend to ensure that each of our courses to be fun and the experience will last a lifetime.

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Email: info@outwardbound.com.my