Wildlife in Outward Bound Sabah

The lockdown has confined people to their homes but enabled our wildlife to frolic and roam in the natural environment unobstructed. Outward Bound Sabah has a policy for people and that all wildlife to live harmoniously inside the school compound. Provoking or killing of the wildlife within the compound is prohibited.

Early in the morning and late evening, monkeys with their entourage of families can be seen playfully scrambling up and down the trees looking for food. Thus despite Outward Bound Sabah having abundant fruits trees such as mangoes, mangosteen, rambutan, jackfruits, these monkeys are usually ahead in harvesting the best and take the pick of the fruits in the compound and leaving the sour or unripen fruits for the residents!

Not to be outdone, the squirrels have their own tricks too. Don’t be fooled if you see a ripe coconut ready for picking. When you look up and see a hole in the coconut. The squirrels have been there first. With their sharp claws, they pierced the coconut husk and shell to drink the coconut water.

Otters also enjoy the spectacular sunset of Outward Bound Sabah. Sometime they bring their family to have a tour of the school compound!

If you sit quietly, you would spot birds and other animals too. In Outward Bound Sabah 100-acres compound if you are lucky you may see owl, crow, woodpecker, jungle fowl and occasionally snakes. There are also monitor lizards looking for foods.

People often asked if there were crocodiles in the Kawang River but there were reports of their presence in housing estate.  However, we at Outward Bound Sabah always check to ensure the safety of the course participants and residents.

Butod (grub) found inside the heart of the palm. A delicacy enjoyed by the locals