At Outward Bound Sabah, our team dynamic programmes are carefully designed to foster personal growth and as well as team development by encouraging leadership, planning, communication, and taking initiative.


Participants are divided into small groups each equipped with maps and compasses to help them discover as many markers on the land as possible within a given time frame.

Aims: self-reliance, planning, cooperation

Warm Up

Our multi-faceted trust progression includes exercises that begin the day and set the tone for further activities.

Aims: break down inhibitions, generate trust in others, and build confidence in individuals.

Ice Breakers

Quick and fun, generating through activities and games.

Aims: generate group spirit, increase group interaction and sharing of ideas.

Team Dynamics

Groups are presented with scenarios to overcome the challenges. The wide varieties of tasks require creative problem solving, leadership, and teamwork.

Aims: Encourage planning and leadership while working towards a single goal, fully involving the team in the completion of a task, progressively improving performance as a team.

Ridge Run

Run 2 miles along the beach and Outward Bound ridge through the forest with scenery of the sea and island.

Aims: Wake up the body with physical activity. As a group activity it allows participants to understand that the group will not go faster than the slowest member.

Raft Building

Plan, construct, launch and race a raft on the river along the school.

Aims: Planning, creative thinking, teamwork.

Morning Meeting

Reinforce the cohesion between participants, exchange information in the Outward Bound community; decide activities for the day and what the group wants to achieve.

Blind Night Walk

A blindfolded group will navigate the forest using ropes tied to trees following the line from the start to finish.

Aims: increase communication level, teamwork, leadership, getting out of one’s comfort zone.

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