Excellent Safety Measures

As one of the leading adventure-based education programmes in the world, the
Outward Bound organisation recognises the importance of excellence in its safety
and risk management systems.

Emergency Response Procedure Training
Basic First Aid and CPR Training

Safety IS Our Priority

As a professional outdoor organisation, we understand that the one basic principle in outdoor adventure is the risk can never be fully eliminated. Our primary responsibility is to understand these uncertainties in order to mitigate the risk through the implementation of strategic risk management. 

Our aim is not to eliminate accidents indefinitely, but to strike the right balance between adventure and security. Effective risk management enables us to deliver long lasting educational value without breaching the moral and legal duty of care for our participants.

Risk Analysis Management System

As part of the safety and risk management protocol, Outward Bound Sabah’s Safety Committee, chaired by a Council member, monitors the standard practices at the centre level. The committee meets quarterly to receive and review the report from the centre management on safety and risk management issues. 

The committee also tracks down safety incidents to help prevent and reduce future mishaps. All participants have to undergo the medical screening process to ascertain the condition of the participants who participate in our courses.

Each centre is responsible to produce its own policies and standard operating procedures, dependent on the natural environment, population, terrain, and traditions. These practices are reviewed by Outward Bound International, which endorses Outward Bound Sabah.

Approved Risk Assessment and Management System (RAMS) for Activities

The safety management protocol requires all activities to be risk assessed before commencing course with participants. All activities have been carefully designed and approved by the Safety Committee, documented and adopted as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). 

Before an activity is carried out, all participants will be briefed and check on safety requirements and equipment. The equipment has been recognised through an international certification.