Trained and Qualified Instructors

Outward Bound instructors are extensively trained and qualified outdoor professionals who are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our participants. Our staff undergoes thorough technical and social-emotional training to provide the highest quality support to our clients. Each centre has its own Standard Qualification System for instructors due to localised terrain and knowledge.

These methods and curricular are very similar to other international Outward Bound bases. New instructors will spend at least six months of training to complete the assessment and qualifications to receive a Train-the-Trainers certificate. Our staff is also certified as Wilderness Medical First Responders (WMFR) and hold Human Resources Train-the-Trainers certificates. They are reassessed every year to ensure continued excellence in their performance.

Unique Sabah Style

While we maintain the original educational philosophy of Kurt Hahn, we have transformed and added values to our Outward Bound model to reflect our unique Sabah style.